The size of ideas does not depend on
the size of self-portrayal

The KAIROS GmbH is an IT specialist with more than ten years of experience in the development of IT system solutions for the healthcare sector. In addition to special technological knowledge in the implementation of medical middleware platforms, we have extensive know-how in the IT-supported orchestration of workflows via workflow engines. This does not only sound good, but also reflects the claim and reality of KAIROS. Launched as a classic “start-up”, the size and market share quickly corresponded more to a “grown-up company”.

Puns or noises – today KAIROS is a real hidden champion who, as usual, is determined and committed to the ambitious goal of being “innovation leader in the field of medical research IT”. Especially in the areas of preclinical, biobanking and study management, our CentraXX product solution is a unique knowledge portal that covers all current requirements and is adapted and constantly expanded in line with current requirements. With this comprehensive portfolio and our own research activities, we have indeed established ourselves as a pioneer with regard to the current requirements of our clients in biobanking and study management over the past few years.

We are also continuously developing our range of services with regard to future requirements, for example in the expansion of existing topics and in preclinical research. We are involved in numerous research projects in the biomedical research environment. Among other things, we have developed a new system with a study editor for the quality-assured execution of preclinical studies in accordance with SOPs – we combine multi-centre workflows and simultaneously implement the demand for a patient-centered approach.

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