„On a Mission” is not a movie,
it’s our attitude.

In the years of intensive discussions and joint development work with top German medical professionals, KAIROS, an IQVIA business, has gained an exceptionally open view behind the scenes of the German health system. The findings of this cooperation led to the need of establishing a patient-centered system for medical treatment and research in addition to the well-known hospital information systems. The core idea of such a system was and still is the reassessment of biobanking.

It remains the same: While hospital information systems and their various applications on the market try to approach treatment via treatment control stations and guidelines, they repeatedly come up against the immanent limits of economic hospital administration in the basic design of the system parameters. This means that they are in constant danger of getting bogged down in their endless efforts to fulfil verifiable health insurance expectations and optimised administrative procedures and to lose sight of the individual treatment of each patient and “his” illness. In addition, if they concentrate on clinical and preclinical treatment, they run the risk of excluding significant participants in holistic disease control from the active cycle.

As a rule, medical, pharmacological and biological research are not considered equivalent system parameters. The usual laboratory and tissue sample information systems on the market are approaching healing treatment from another side. They create useful information for the attending physician through effective sample handling and, ideally, through selective documentation of the course of treatment. Nevertheless, only a fraction of the knowledge potential is exhausted here if the real dynamisation and complete integration into other sources of knowledge is omitted.

In this case, the chance to use the biosamples simultaneously as sextants of an individual healing treatment and statistically usable parameters of a disease map for pharmacological research is often still missed. To put it simply, there are two information cycles in the health system that ideally overlap and complement each other. Their active meeting, however, is left more to the individual foresight of individual protagonists on site or by chance.

Orchestrated wiring of these knowledge systems was long overdue in order to achieve the quantum leap in medical treatment hoped for by personalized medicine. With the knowledge portal CentraXX we fill exactly this gap today and bring together – similar to a synapse formation – information of the clinical treatment and the medical research – under observance of the necessary data protection regulations. Through the use of CentraXX, tissue and blood sample data become an integral and dynamic component of knowledge networking in healthcare and the central anchor point of personalized medicine.

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