Location is where the heart beats
Where does your heart beat?

Our team is currently spread over the founding headquarters in Bochum (BioMedicineCenter on the campus of the Ruhr University Bochum) and the office in Berlin Mitte. These are good starting points to reach our customers all over Germany. In addition, our employees are spoilt for choice between the Ruhr region, Germany’s most populous region, and Berlin, currently the most ambitious biotech start-up location. The first branch office to support existing and future customers in the North American market is located in Boston.

To avoid stockpiling unnecessary capacities, KAIROS works in the areas of business controlling, tax and legal matters, marketing and press work and occasionally also in the areas of sales support and programming with a team of fixed-free consultants right from the start. They know the entire history of KAIROS and live this history. In the future, we will set up a special knowledge circle in which an interdisciplinary and unconventional exchange of experience can be promoted. In order to counteract the centrifugal forces of a young, dynamic team spread over two locations right from the start, KAIROS implemented a dual strategy both professionally and personally.

Our developers work together according to the internationally recognized GAMP 5 standard to ensure that the progress of software development runs smoothly at two locations. At the same time, a uniform project management platform ensures project coordination and coherent customer support. In order to ensure the best possible personal support for employees, the management team is spread over both locations. Dennis Spiegel is a member of the management team in Berlin and is the direct contact for all employees there.

In addition, the management ensures that team building is continued through regular, personal contact at both locations and also through joint team events.

This dual strategy is supported by the introduction of the “Future Workplace” project. From the very beginning, KAIROS has recognised that by expanding to Berlin as a creative location, it cannot concentrate solely on offering marketable salaries and an interesting future-oriented field of activity in competition with other providers. In order to attract customers and high potentials in the long term, we are successively implementing “Future Workplace”, an integrated approach that combines internal and external communication.

These include externally visible attributes such as the special spatial design of the company rooms for the development of creative potential among employees or the slightly provocative and humorous note in the brand appearance as well as the development of very individual answers to a largely decentralised work process. In addition to more traditional emotional attachment mechanisms such as the planned establishment of an employee share ownership, KAIROS also deals with new models of alternating teleworking, the creation of fixed-free competence circles and holistic leadership.

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