Pareto principle:
the last 20% are decisive

Behind our user-oriented approach is much more than just a systemic variable. KAIROS, an IQVIA business, has made patient and user centricity a central theme of its corporate philosophy. This is not only directly reflected in the CentraXX product, but it is also reflected in all product-accompanying service measures and the entire company handling.

We see a special opportunity to have made and continue to make a name for ourselves in the industry as a friendly doer due to our special proximity to customers and our sometimes unorthodox and tackling business conduct. We may no longer be real newcomers, but we remain game changers! We want the special spark to spread.

That empathy, authenticity, spontaneity and joy can actually achieve much more, is impressively demonstrated by all the successes achieved up to this date. This approach has become our independent business creed and, as KAIROS culture, has already become a trademark for customers and employees: cooperative in partnerships, unconventional in handling, tough in the matter. The right balance of humour and quality.

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