Patient Reported Outcome Measures

In the search for new treatment methods, the importance of collecting complete, accurate, and consistent data is critical. In addition to standardized patient data, a patient’s assessment of their state of health is increasingly important.

These Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO), or Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM), provide important information on a patient’s perceived course of disease. This data may be of great relevance for the patient and their treatment but often there is not enough time to capture this during a visit. The processing (validation, release, etc.) and evaluation of the collected data is carried out by your specialists in the clinic.

The IT instrument required for this is called CentraXX PROM can either be integrated into an existing CentraXX system architecture or can be easily and securely connected to the existing hospital system using the basic modeule CentraXX BoXX.

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