CentraXX in use at Human Tissue and Cell Research Services GmbH in Munich

Bochum – Human Tissue and Cell Research (HTCR) Services GmbH has recently adopted the CentraXX software solution for the digital and structured management of its biomaterial samples.

HTCR Services engages in the broad provision of human biomaterial (e.g. tissue, blood, cell preparations) to research communities. Originally founded as a spin-off of the University of Regensburg two decades ago, the company now offers its services for medical research and drug development to a variety of academic research institutions and various pharmaceutical companies throughout Europe. HTCR-Services support an entire research network by supplying a wide range of biomaterial including healthy tissue in cooperation with its clinical partners, in particular the Klinikum Universität München (KUM).

HTCR-Services GmbH uses CentraXX to register the samples and associated clinical data, to document their processing and to manage the release of sample sets including the associated information to external partners. A special feature of the biobanking solution implemented is the integration of viewer licenses, which allows external users to direct a query on the sample stock to HTCR services. As a result, the previously highly labor-intensive and time-consuming e-mail inquiries are a thing of the past with the use of the CentraXX software solution.

A special focus of HTCR services was on the strict separation of identifying data (IDAT) and medical data of patients (MDAT) in order to ensure external partners do not have access to any form of identifying data. The required function for pseudonymizing the data was a decisive criterion of the data protection vote, which CentraXX solves as part of a comprehensive rights and role management in the existing system architecture.

The HTCR management is very pleased with the fast and professional implementation of CentraXX’s biobanking solution. Only a few weeks have passed from the award to the commissioning of the software. From the kick-off, to the installation and configuration of the system to training for the employees, everything was offered extremely quickly and easily by KAIROS.

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