ISBER 2016 in Berlin – KAIROS will be there again!

There’s a home game atmosphere at KAIROS GmbH: For the first time in six years, the „International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER)“ for its annual meeting in Europe – this time in Berlin, one of the KAIROS-sites.

The last such meeting took place in Rotterdam in 2010. Six years, in which the KAIROS GmbH with its system-IT-solution CentraXX (biobanking/study management) has developed from an ambitioned start-up to an important player on the German market.

CentraXX has developed to a real research platform in this time, which has attracted more and more attention outside of Germany’s borders.

Momentarily 28 of 36 German university clinics have access to CentraXX- either through direct procurement or through access provided by a consortium partner. The Nationale Kohorte (Nako), the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research (DKTK) and the The German Centre for Cardiovascular Disease (DZHK) work with CentraXX.

The first international CentraXX-installation in North America will be carried out in 2016. This means that the planned expansion to the North American market which was planned for the end of 2016/2017 has already taken place. ISBER meeting takes place April 5th-8th 2016, at MARITIM Hotel Berlin.

It will be especially easy to find the Kairos GmbH at this year’s ISBER – since we have the booth number 1, we will so to speak be taking the pole position this year!



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