Kairos goes ISBER

Kairos will take part in the ISBER for the first time. This year’s ISBER will take place in Orlando, Florida. Claudia Schubert, freelance journalist, collected a few statements prior to departure.

Martin Zünkeler: Kairos has further developed its range of services enormously in the last two years and is continuing to establish itself in the German speaking region of Europe. Equally we completely understand that significant impulses come from the United States as one of the most important countries regarding pharmaceutical research. For some time now we have been intensifying the exchange on an international level and are especially strengthening our activities in the U.S. ISBER offers an exceptional forum with its focus of content.

Dr. Christian Stephan: Just as important as our presence is the technical exchange regarding the key topics of Kairos, biobanking and study management. ISBER allows establishing a direct dialog with strategic partners and potential customers, who are on-site as well. The personal conversations with other experts, direct feedback regarding our products and solutions as well as specialized information give us new impressions and insights for our work, which we will take home.

Dennis Spiegel: In recent years, a network has established itself in our field of expertise. Events such as ISBER strengthen the personal aspect of our work: After all, we are all trying to establish the necessary room for biobanking as a significant element of personalized medicine. Many experts from various countries already know each other, and use ISBER for the deepening of existing ties. I myself worked for nearly seven years in the U.S. for Epigenomics, and will now meet colleagues and partners from the past as a representative of Kairos. We will surely be able to discuss possibilities for future cooperation.

Jesse Goering: As a US citizen working for Kairos in the field of Business Development, I am looking forward to ISBER for two reasons. Just as we can expect to receive new impulses for our own work, Kairos can also bring in innovative approaches in the international field. This holds equally true for strategic as well as operational levels. I will thus especially advance our sales operations and deepen contacts in the United States.

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