Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry in Munich uses CentraXX solution from KAIROS GmbH.

In December 2018, the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry (MPI) commissioned KAIROS GmbH to set up a comprehensive data and knowledge management infrastructure as part of a multi-stage negotiation process with a competition of participants.

KAIROS was able to convince the jury with its CentraXX solution, as the system already demonstrably meets the MPI’s essential requirements for a comprehensive IT infrastructure and already features modular solutions for any future expansion stages that may be required, or provides for their further development.

CentraXX also offers the high degree of flexibility and modularity required to meet the specific and rapidly changing requirements of the Max Planck Institute with regard to its commitment to innovative research.

In addition to using the current system variant, users are able to carry out future adaptations and extensions of the system to new issues independently, without special programming or IT knowledge or additional technical support.

„Data Security made in Germany“

The Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry is subject to high data protection requirements, which in particular depend on the newly created data and information security system.

Knowledge management infrastructure must be adhered to and fulfilled. Here, too, CentraXX was able to convince the jury with its data protection concept “Data Security made in Germany”.

Technically, the system will run exclusively on the institute’s own servers. Comparable solutions for the mandatory separation of hospital and research data are already in practical use elsewhere.

In CentraXX, for example, patient data is automatically transferred to the research system under a pseudonym. With the help of its rights and role management, user profiles can be created as required, which are equipped with different rights (e.g. study staff, study assistants, scientists, doctors, study directors).

Meta Data Repository (MDR) optimizes Search Results

However, the issue of rights and role management is only one aspect in the consolidation of research data from a wide variety of scientific core units and research institutions, as required by the MPI.  In addition to networking, data collection and rights management, the CentraXX Meta Data Repository (MDR) also answers the question of how data from a wide variety of sources, nomenclatures and/or annotations can be compared and used in a practicable and fully automated manner.

The web-based system solution CentraXX offers the MPI institute-wide easy, maximum secured accessibility and simple, user-friendly operability.

The Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science e.V. (MPG) is a non-profit research organization funded predominantly by public funds. It maintains more than 80 institutes and other research institutions of various sizes, structures and tasks, which are primarily dedicated to basic research in the natural sciences and humanities.

At the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, clinical and basic scientists work closely together to investigate the causes of complex brain diseases and seek new ways of treating them. In addition to a modern research clinic, which has all the equipment necessary for patient care and research, extensive laboratories are available in which neurobiological investigation methods from behavioral research to molecular genetics are applied.

The aim is to optimise the benefits of research for patients through close and innovative networking of basic and clinical neurosciences.

KAIROS GmbH is pleased to be able to once again provide a real knowledge portal and expert system for treatment and research in the sense of translation with the commissioning of CentraXX by the Mack Planck Institute for Psychiatry and the constantly developing CentraXX software product family for medical research.

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