PERMIDES-Promotion for the Application of CentraXX at BioKryo

Within the scope of the European promotion project PERMIDES, the KAIROS GmbH and the BioKryo GmbH have been granted the maximum funding amount of EUR 60.000,00. PERMIDES’ goal is to increase the innovative ability of SMEs in the biopharmaceutical industry with the help of joint innovation projects.

KAIROS will now implement a CentraXX system solution for the storage and management of samples as an IT solution, in order to assemble a Biobank Information Management System (BIMS) at the BioKryo GmbH. Thus, storage/customer data will be connected to the processes according to the given Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. “Thanks to PERMIDES we are able to display manual processes in our biobank digitally and, therefore, we can reach an increased process reliability. Furthermore, we can reduce the redundancies in the documentation, which will then lead to an increase in efiiciency. This digitalization of the biobank also is a prerequisite for the development of the automation of our biobank.”, says Dr. Vincent von Walcke-Wulffen, managing director of the BioKryo GmbH.

The BioKryo GmbH, based in Sulzbach/Saar, is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering (Fraunhofer IBMT). The company has specialized in the long-term storage of bio- and cryospecimen and for this purpose they count on forward-looking automation and centralization approaches.

CentraXX, the expert system of the KAIROS GmbH, currently is in use at various research institutes as well as at 28 of the German university hospitals and at three of the six German Centers for Health Research (DZG).

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