The First CentraXX Implementation in Austria

CentraXX Biobanking Software Deployed at the University Hospital Salzburg


Bochum – The latest installation of the CentraXX biobanking module was deployed at the University Hospital Salzburg, becoming the first customer in Austria. With the biobanking solution CentraXX Bio, a professional biobank is being set up at the University Hospital in the surgery department.

The University Hospital Salzburg consists of the State Hospital Salzburg and the Christian Doppler Clinic Salzburg.  At its various locations, the University Hospital strives for the highest standards of patient care, research, and teaching and treats more than 80,000 patients annually.

Until now, the surgery department of the UK Salzburg managed the aggregated samples in the form of a loose biomaterial collection. With the aim of making the processes more efficient and professionalizing the entire sample management, the institute purchased CentraXX Bio.

The biobanking solution implemented at the University Hospital Salzburg not only supports sample management, including capturing measurement data and batch management, but also includes patient registration, procedure documentation and administration of the sample master data collected in the process.  With this implementation, about 1200 samples and their corresponding data are to be managed via CentraXX as early as this year, with the goal of further expanding this number in the coming years.

In addition to the biobanking functionality, an HL7 interface will also be deployed setting up a communication framework for standardization of data and information exchange with existing systems.

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