Maximize the efficiency of your organization by planning your resources efficiently

With CentraXX calendar module you have instant insight into all your personnel, location, and technical resources.

The CentraXX Calendar module helps to structure your daily routine providing a comprehensive overview of all resources (personnel, locations, equipment). The system allows for scheduling with workload and task distribution in mind helping you utilize your existing resources more effectively. The addition of context-specific attachments to appointments makes the calendar module an important hub for internal collaboration and allows for simplified communication in both research and treatment environments.

The CentraXX Calendar provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive set of tools that displays availability of personnel and resources.

All participants involved are able to schedule events and allocate associated tasks based on available resources.

Organizations can better anticipate and plan around resource constraints that occur on a regular or temporary basis.

Overview – CentraXX Calendar Module

  • Both CentraXX users and patients have their own calendar displaying an overview of current and past appointments (study requests / HL7 SIU messages).
  • Resources have dedicated calendars and are managed by an administrator who has a complete overview and status (activated/deactivated) of all resources.
  • Subject to the CentraXX rights and role administration.
  • Users can also assign attachments (CentraXX entities, such as patient files, CRFs, studies, etc.) to an appointment.
  • The calendar is also linked to the task system allowing users to allocate tasks to participants.
  • System does now allow ‘double occupancy’ for people or resources and the system generates an automated conflict warning.

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