The best connection to the patient still is
the direct one. The CentraXX Hotline module

CentraXX Hotline – Of course the direct conversation between doctor and patient cannot be replaced by anything. Often, however, this is neither possible, desired nor even necessary. Here, the operation of a telephone and e-mail hotline as an additional contact and communication service offers the advantages of fast, easy initial contact between the patient and a contact person in a hospital.

The barrier for contacting is low and the offer is unrestricted in terms of space. This point is increasingly important, especially in regions with poor care and transport infrastructure and/or for patients with limited mobility. However, setting up your own hotline only becomes really important if it is not an isolated solution but part of a more general patient-centered IT solution.

The CentraXX Hotline Module offers the clinic the possibility of creating a patient-centered, integrated record right from the first contact. By collecting all available data, the subsequent introduction of suitable patients into clinical studies and in the development of research programs is therefore simplified considerably and the interlocking of research and medical treatment is optimised.

The CentraXX hotline module can of course be integrated into all CentraXX system solutions. It is equipped by default with the possibility of being integrated into all common HIS/HWS systems. Used in this way, the CentraXX hotline module offers:

  • Ad hoc assistance for patients
  • Improved patient acquisition
  • Triage already during contact (Clinical CRM/Initial HIS)
  • Possibility of electronic appointment assignment via the schedule displays of the interdisciplinary outpatient clinic portal

Experience shows that after a period in which patients learn and receive information through this service, the number of users of this contact and communication tool rises sharply and also appeals to other target groups (e.g. doctors, students).

Incidentally, in the context of the promotion/approval, e.g. as the Cancer Comprehensive Center (CCC) by Deutsche Krebshilfe, the hotline is an important criterion as a central contact point for cancer patients.

Detailed information about CentraXX Hotline can be found on the product sheet.

If you have any questions concerning this offer, please contact PD DR. Christian Stephan: .

Of course, you can also contact our CentraXX service hotline – e.g. to arrange a presentation- by phone using +1 (857) 336-6730 or by e-mail using .

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