You want to know how your patients
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With CentraXX PROM you can find out

In the search for new treatment methods, the importance of collecting complete, accurate, and consistent data is critical. In addition to standardized patient data, a patient’s assessment of their state of health is increasingly important.

These Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO), or Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM), provide important information on a patient’s perceived course of disease. This data may be of great relevance for the patient and their treatment but often there is not enough time to capture this during a visit.

The IT instrument required for this is called CentraXX PROM. CentraXX PROM can be integrated into an existing CentraXX system architecture or it can be easily and securely connected to the existing hospital system using the basic module CentraXX BoXX.

The CentraXX platform offers the ability to display all necessary forms/questionnaires. These forms can be easily designed by the clinic. Alternatively, they can be questionnaires that map all existing, international and standardized data sets (e.g. ICHOM, EORTC, PROMIS etc.) for specific clinical pictures. Standard sets, such as the ICHOM standard sets, define, the structure and timeline of data collection and enable internationally comparable evaluations. All questionnaires can be stored in a central library ready for retrieval.

On the CentraXX PROM platform, all patient data (clinical data from the HIS systems, structured PROM data) is linked together and can be accessed and evaluated at any time. If necessary, the integrated Consent Management Tool records and documents all  patient consents.

The PROM data is recorded within easily defined survey cycles. In these cycles, the respondents are automatically guided through the sections and questionnaires (dynamic routing vs. static documentation process).

The patient can record their data using their own PC or the CentraXX Patient App. In the clinic, tablets or PC terminals (kiosk systems) are another option for data entry. With the help of these systems, patients can easily and securely transfer their health and lifestyle data to the CentraXX system without putting any additional burden on medical staff.

With the help of these questionnaires, the clinic has the opportunity to obtain consistent, important, up-to-date and comparable feedback (e.g., for in-house quality management), even beyond the data on the state of health.

The clinic is also able to search for all patients that are suitable for a specific survey by defining clear inclusion conditions.

The integrated rights and role management allows only authorized persons to view patient information and the possibility of clinical verification (audit confirmation) or recorded and transmitted patient information.

CentraXX provides status information on the surveys (‘completed’, ‘incomplete’) that can be viewed at any time while reminding the patient via email about upcoming surveys.


Overview – CentraXX PROM

Patient Reported Outcome Measures

  • Enables the collection of structured information for self-assessments of health status by the patient and/or hospital staff
  • Allows the documentation of lifestyle parameters via connected wearables
  • Data management and availability via FHIR: allows the integration of already existing solutions
  • Integration of CentraXX PROM into an existing CentraXX system architecture or by a secure connection to the existing hospital IT infrastructure using the CentraXX BoXX
  • Use of easily designed patient questionnaires and standardized sets
  • Consolidation of clinical data and PROM on a central platform, accessible at any time
  • Simplified documentation
  • Follow-up care and customer retention tool for discharged patients

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