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To maximize the effectiveness of the translational value chain that can exist between medical treatment and clinical research, the use of a raw data archive can become immensely important. Every single day, vast amounts of structured and unstructured data is generated in day-to-day clinical routine. The potential scientific benefit this data may provide at a later time is not  foreseeable at the time of its collection.

The mere collection of this data alone quickly poses unsolvable tasks to clinical IT infrastructures . Searching and retrieving this data in a targeted manner at a later time seems almost impossible. Potentially important patient information is irretrievably lost every day. The KAIROS Raw Data Archive allows collecting and storing structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of locations for the long term use and in a central location (device or platform). The data stored here in a structured way is protected against data loss due to later untraceability or deletion and is always available for later, other/newer forms of analysis.

At the same time, the secondary systems in use are relieved of the need to store this large amount of data. The data stored in the central repository can be accessed by all connected systems with no need of duplicating data. The accessibility of the data is therefore controlled by a trustee and, if necessary, pseudonymised.

The KAIROS raw data archive is displayed as a CentraXX component with its familiar user interface, despite its technical independence.

Overview: The KAIROS raw data archive (K-RDA)

  • represents a structured, intelligent and secure long-term storage for (un-)structured data
  • has interfaces, via which data/files including metadata can be integrated and extracted
  • always stores and manages files and data in the context of a CentraXX-relevant entity (Proband/Patient/Sample/Study…)
  • allows keywording and enrichment of metadata
  • is protected against unauthorized access by a security layer and access rights manager
  • integrates transparently for the CentraXX user (single sign-on, IHE, REST)
  • provides tools and interfaces for pseudonymization (pseudonymization masks; via trustee) and data extraction

Detailed information about CentraXX RDA can be found on the product sheet.

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