To defeat Corona, we must now make our second greatest enemy, time, our strongest ally

Field Test for COVID-19 Project: CoronaBoXX – Launched

Many of the people suffering from COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS – CoV – 2) do not require medical care and are simply told to stay home and quarantine. Apart from telephone contact, there are few options to record patient data and transmit to the clinic. This data is often only partial and not standardized.

This large group of patients could provide important information on the disease allowing for a greater understanding of its progression. In order for this to occur communication between the clinic and patient must be seamless as well as questions consistent among these patients.

This can be achieved by using an app that gives these patients the opportunity to continuously document the state of their health and provide it to researchers without risk of personal contact.

The good news is the KAIROS Patient App is already available and can be used on iOS and Android.

Utilizing CentraXX Patient-App in COVID-19 Project: CoronaBoXX

In close cooperation with doctors from university hospitals, we have expanded the functionality of the CentraXX Patient App so that it can now be used to record, document, and securely transfer data from COVID-19 patients to the clinic.

Field Test Participants Needed

For successful, fast and quality use of the CoronaBoXX, we have started to field test hoping to receive feedback from patients. The more participants we have, the faster their data is recorded and transmitted and made available to doctors and researchers.

Register Here for Participation in the Field Test

Participation is at no cost, patients only need a mobile device and internet connection.



Personal Symptom File

Hygiene Checklist

Data Protection / Data Security / Consent

As with all KAIROS products, data protection and security are of the utmost importance. The data is pseudonymized and requires complete encryption on a patient’s end device with biometric features.

A server-side database (here in the German AWS cloud) communicates encrypted data via FHIR with the Patient App in order to exchange configurable data and questionnaires. Prior to completing any questionnaire, consent is completed by the patient on the user device and stored electronically.

Get involved and together we will defeat this enemy. Together against Corona!

For questions about KAIROS, the CentraXX Patient App or the COVID-19 Project, CoronaBoXX – please reach out to Dr. Christian Stephan: 

Now is the Time!

Field Tests have begun as part of the German Government hackathon #WirvsVirus (We vs. Virus)

On Saturday, March 21st and Sunday, March 22, 2020 the employees of KAIROS together with over 40,000 participants actively participated in the federal government’s hackathon. Under the motto #WirvsVirus (#We vs. Virus). During the hackathon the KAIROS team created the Android version of the CentraXX Patient App with COVID-19 functionality.

A field test for the iOS and Android app – to document the health status of those suffering from COVID-19 – was launched on Sunday under the name CoronaBoXX.

The CoronaBoXX project allows patients in quarantine to keep a personalized diary of their disease progression directly from home and make immediately available to doctors and researchers.

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