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Kairos Solutions.

KAIROS Services – Today, medical IT is not about disease management, but about medical treatment. Many medical experts have long awated this paradigm shift under the name of personalized medicine.

What we need is a system that focuses on the patient and provides the doctor with all available information on a permanent basis in order to treat exactly this patient in the best possible way. Under the heading of personalized medicine, this paradigm shift is now seen as necessary almost everywhere. Today, this requires IT systems that focus on the patient and provide the physician with all available information at all times in order to be able to treat exactly this patient in the best possible way. IT systems, which actually do justice to the now changed basic understanding, must already contain this in their development DNA.
With CentraXX, we offer you exactly those IT solutions today that also manage the balancing act of standardized software and the possibility of implementing individualized customer requirements.

In addition to pure product solutions, we offer you additional services such as consulting, customizing, maintenance and training.

If you have any questions about KAIROS services, please contact PD DR. Christian Stephan: .

Of course, you can also contact our CentraXX service hotline – e.g. to arrange a presentation – by phone using 0234 5888211 or by e-mail using .

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