Anything that bears responsibility,
needs good maintenance.

What applies to many consumer and capital goods is particularly true for system IT solutions: acquisition and installation are one thing – regular maintenance and updates are another. CentraXX is like a living, growing organism. We support you throughout the entire life cycle of your software – from planning and implementation to ongoing operation and optimization.

Use KAIROS support for seamless implementation, innovation and smooth business processes in the field of research portals. For your convenience we offer a hotline, an online ticket service, web sessions or on-site support. Both the rapidly changing market requirements and the at least equally rapid technical developments and associated new possibilities require the continuous further development of the core product itself and all sub-products of the CentraXX product family.

Practical experience and increasing requirements of our users also flow into this development process, which ultimately benefits all CentraXX users. For the regular exchange of information and ideas among CentraXX users, we organize the CentraXX User Day twice a year to actively improve the use of our expert system among you – the experts. For us there is only one goal: We learn faster and CentraXX becomes better the more we learn!

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