SAAS in our case is CAAS –
CentraXX as a service.

As part of our cloud computing offering, we naturally also offer our customers SAAS solutions. In these models it is no longer necessary for you as a user to take care of your own IT infrastructure with the required system IT.

This means that the acquisition and start-up costs (e.g. installation, license fees), which are often very high, are eliminated and are replaced by payments for the actual use in the network. This includes regular system updates, complete IT administration and all maintenance work. But we wouldn’t be KAIROS if this would be all. As a user of a standardized CentraXX version, you also benefit from the extensive know-how that we have gathered over the past ten years in the field of biobanking and research IT and will continue to do so.

With regard to the wide distribution of CentraXX, the excellent customer base and its very high requirements, this means that our SAAS solutions are and will be “state of the art products”. So it is like always with KAIROS: always a little better, always a little more suitable. We call this CAAS – CentraXX as a Service. Unlike in the North American market, this model does not currently play a role in the health care system in Germany – but we are convinced that this will change and will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this subject.

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