Fact is: Validation
is a matter for experts.

An important, last step before the actual commissioning of your CentraXX solution is the validation. Here you as the user check that the system really does fully meet your individual expectations and requirements in your individual intended use and in your real workplace.

In addition to the previously agreed software capabilities, this also includes the functionalities in their use-specific context, as well as compliance with GxP guidelines, such as “Good Clinical Laboratory Practice” and “Good Clinical Practice”. The GxP guidelines play an important role in the validation of products in medicine, but also in the fields of pharmacy and chemistry and are recognized from all over Europe to America, and in some cases they are even legally standardized. They define the professional, qualitative and integrative, but also, for example, ethical aspects according to which a product is to be evaluated. In fact, only you, as the actual system user, can perform this objective test procedure.

Nevertheless, we are of course happy to offer you active support through the contribution of our expertise and years of experience from numerous projects. For example, we know which framework conditions are necessary and target-oriented, provide you with the necessary SOPs, guide you through internal tests, provide audits and create the necessary audit tables. If necessary, you will also receive recommendations for the use of possible external service providers. A successful validation is finally and again the pleasing confirmation of our work.

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