It’s like on the pitch:
It’s the team that matters.

The success of CentraXX in medical research can only be secured and further expanded if exceptional players take responsibility and these key players form a powerful team with the other KAIROS, an IQVIA business, employees. The motto for the KAIROS team therefore revolves around the terms “complementary competences” and “resilient team players”. Thorsten Dusberger, MD, company founder Martin Zünkeler, Christian Stephan, MD, and Dennis Spiegel make up the four-man management team.

  • Dr. med. Thorsten Dusberger
    Dr. med. Thorsten Dusberger CMO

    Dr. med. Thorsten Dusberger is a doctor with a master’s degree in health economics. After completing his license to practice medicine, Dr. med. Dusberger spent twenty years in information technology and held various positions in national and international healthcare IT companies. He was responsible for the design, sales, maintenance and support of hospital information systems, diagnostic systems (laboratory / radiology) and other special applications.
    In 2018 he joined IQVIA where he set-up the Oncology Data Network in Germany and has been responsible for the Provider Business in Germany since 2020.
    His motivation is the continuous further development of the health system through data-driven technologies. The use of routine data to improve patient care and for clinical research is particularly important to him.

  • Martin Zünkeler
    Martin Zünkeler CEO

    (born in 1966) was able to gain intensive experience on the German market as marketing manager of the medical software manufacturer Torex (today i-solutions) for three years before he founded his own company for the production of hospital information software (HIS), CoMMed GmbH, in 2003.

    With the foundation, product development, sales set-up and sales of CoMMed GmbH, Martin Zünkeler successfully demonstrated his fundamental understanding of the interrelationships and needs of the medical software market. The foundation of KAIROS is a logical consequence of not only further developing the experience gained at CoMMed, but also defining a sub-market all of its own with the bio-banking product CentraXX and laying the foundation for today’s CentraXX research portal.

    As a trained lawyer and marketing expert, Martin Zünkeler understands like no other how to adapt to a wide variety of circumstances and interests in order to contribute the “door-opening qualities” and mediation services between the players in the healthcare market that are necessary for the implementation of CentraXX.

  • PD Dr. Christian Stephan
    PD Dr. Christian Stephan CIO

    Co-partner and important scientific background in the further development of KAIROS and CentraXX is PD Dr. Christian Stephan (born 1973). The habilitated bioinformatician joined the KAIROS team in 2012 after initially conducting biomedical research himself for more than 5 years in neurology at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf and subsequently assuming leadership responsibility for more than 8 years as department head for bioinformatics/biostatistics at the Medical Proteome Center at Ruhr University in Bochum.

    PD Dr. Christian Stephan ideally combines the increasingly converging worlds of biomedical research and bioinformatics practice. Thanks to his enormous experience in national and international research and industrial projects, PD Dr. Christian Stephan is able to speak the language of the treating and researching physicians as well as that of the software experts at the customer’s site and their industrial partners.

    This translation service, which should not be underestimated, provides KAIROS with a special personal approach, because PD Dr. Christian Stephan is regarded as one of the “understanders” and “confidants” by both the client and its suppliers. Because of this, complex start-up and build-up phases in the product implementation of CentraXX can be advanced very effectively through direct and authentic communication.

  • Dennis Spiegel
    Dennis Spiegel Product Management Leader

    At the beginning of 2013, the special KAIROS expertise between research, bioinformatics and everyday treatment was once again enriched by the addition of Dennis Spiegel (born 1974). A proven database expert, Dennis Spiegel was most recently head of software development, database development and IT administration at the internationally active biotechnology company Epigenomics AG in Seattle and Berlin. There he gained years of experience in building up a biotech company that has since become internationally successful.

    In this context, he was responsible for software and system validation according to GAMP and FDA regulations of various commercial and proprietary Epigenomics applications (Oracle Clinical, ABI SDS, SampleDBVal, SampleTracker), FDA approval of a diagnostic test (Epi proColon ®) and DIN EN ISO13485 certification of Epigenomics’ IT departments. Consequently, KAIROS GmbH was able to achieve certification of its quality management according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 in 2017, also under the leadership of Dennis Spiegel. It is this balance between a total-cycle product view and absolute expertise to ensure standardized and certified process flows that makes Dennis Spiegel an important key player to successfully differentiate KAIROS from the competition in the bio-banking market for years to come.

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