Interdisciplinary Biomaterial and Database Würzburg (ibdw)

The Interdisciplinary Biomaterials and Database Würzburg (ibdw) of the University Hospital Würzburg, funded by the National Biobank Initiative, uses the CentraXX system solution from KAIROS. The IT solution from Bochum is intended to support scientists in their search for the causes of diseases. As an internationally renowned university hospital, the UK Würzburg (UKW) operates the ibdw, a centralised interdisciplinary biobank for research and control of various diseases.

The biobank expertise of the Würzburg-based company and the concept for setting up the central biobank also appealed to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). As a result, the BMBF selected ibdw as one of Germany’s flagship biobanks and supports this institution as one of five biobanks within the framework of the National Biobank Initiative. Like any medical research center that analyses biochemical, molecular and genetic factors in the search for causes of diseases, the Würzburg researchers also need a biobank management system that is as comprehensive, efficient, validated and quality-controlled as possible. In doing so, the researchers on the Main rely on the know-how of the Ruhr.

The KAIROS system is embedded in the existing VHF IT infrastructure and equipped with specially protected interfaces to clinical documentation systems and registers. Created as a patient/research subject centered information system, the archive function in CentraXX is used as a supplement to the electronic patient file of the VHF to store relevant data and facts on the course of the disease or study as well as data and analysis results of biosamples. The advantage: With each update of the medical process, the collection of knowledge on the respective biomaterial also grows. This longitudinally recorded information turns a one-dimensional collection of sample information into a multidimensional information cube that contains both current and archived clinical patient data and establishes the relationship to the sample. Furthermore, an analysis tool provides doctors and researchers with comprehensive search and evaluation functions.

“The strategic orientation of KAIROS and the functionality and flexibility of the CentraXX system ultimately convinced us when we selected the system,” explains Prof. Dr. Roland Jahns, Director of ibdw, regarding the decision for the Bochum system solution. “CentraXX is the only system that has the necessary flexibility and workflow support to meet our high demands for largely automated and thus standardized sample management,” adds Dr. Michael Neumann, deputy head of ibdw and responsible for IT.

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