University Hospital Greifswald (UMG)


The University Hospital Greifswald (UMG) seeks to integrate research and care with the strategic goal of making data collected during patient treatment simultaneously available to research. This novel approach of synthesizing the Clinical Workplace System (KAS) with research and eHealth platforms opens new possibilities in terms of data preparation, linking and use.

As a result of a Europe-wide tender, the CentraXX research system was selected for its flexible system architecture and integrated workflow engine, cornerstones of this unique system solution that were designed for the emerging needs of research hospitals like UMG.

KAS+ is a lighthouse project for the landscape of university hospitals throughout the Federal Republic of Germany – and throughout Europe – presenting a new solution to the common questions of university clinics regarding optimizing communication and documentation instruments.

The University Hospital Greifswald (UMG) is the top care provider and largest employer and trainer in Western Pomerania, with 919 planned beds and 37 spaces at outpatient clinics. UMG treats over 178,000 patients in 21 specialized clinics. Of these, 35,793 are fully inpatient and 2,414 are semi-inpatients in 3 day clinics.

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