The University Hospital Zurich (USZ) Chooses The CentraXX Solution from KAIROS GMBH

At the beginning of 2020, KAIROS GmbH was awarded a contract for the delivery of a new biobank information system (BIMS) at the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) following a Europe-wide research.

USZ is Establishing a Central Biobank Infrastructure

As part of ongoing renovation measures to convert from a decentralized biobank infrastructure into a centralized form, the USZ decided to purchase an integrated software solution for sample management.

The software solution was selected through a public tender. The design of the required application was carried out in close cooperation with researchers and biobank operators at the USZ taking the Swiss Biobank Platform and Swiss Personalized Health Network national initiatives into account to enable interoperability with other centers in Switzerland. The project was financially supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation’s BioLink to enhance the quality and access to scientific data as well as biological materials for research purposes.

The introduction of the software solution pursues the goals of implementing sample management in accordance with regulatory requirements with a high level of quality and efficiency. This will be achieved through deep integration into the USZ IT landscape. CentraXX will be used closely with the Research Data Warehouse (DWH), which combines sample information with clinical data, e.g. from the Clinical Information System and research data.

KAIROS has had successful developments in Germany in recent years and looks forward to becoming more involved in the entire DACH sector in the future. The team looks forward to contributing its expertise in research IT in Switzerland through its involvement in pioneering this project for USZ.

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