KAIROS prevails in the award to provide the Leipzig Medical Biobank in Leipzig with a Biobank Software Solution

Bochum – In order to manage the rapidly growing number of biosamples and associated metadata more efficiently, the Leipzig Medical Biobank (LMB) of the Leipzig Research Center for Civilization Diseases (LIFE) has selected the CentraXX software solution to manage its biobank processes.

In addition to the user-friendly and high-performance functions of CentraXX, KAIROS impressed during the national tender with the tools to support a comprehensive network with other biobank partners throughout Germany. With the help of various interface technologies, such as FHIR, new synergies can be created between the individual locations.

At Leipzig Medical Biobank in Leipzig, in addition to the CentraXX software solution for biobanking, the workflow engine for system-controlled customer-specific SOPs will be implemented, and the reporting tool for generating necessary reports (e.g. for inventory and auditing). The aim of the software solution is to implement sample management in accordance with regulatory requirements, ensuring high quality and improved efficiency.

“We are now looking forward to support Leipzig with a comprehensive CentraXX installation and look forward to being actively involved in the networking of such a successful biobank,” said PD Dr. Christian Stephan, Managing Director of KAIROS GmbH, an IQVIA business.

The expansion of the IT solutions with the CentraXX software for the biobank was a big, but necessary step in order to rely on an established and professional solution that grows with a biobank’s needs and meets future challenges in the management of the biobank.

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