The German Breast Group, the largest German breast cancer study group, will use CentraXX in future work

In December 2018, GBG Forschungs GmbH commissioned KAIROS GmbH to install the CentraXX Bio biobank module, which will now go live in May/June 2019 as planned.

The GBG Forschungs GmbH is a research institute for the implementation of academically oriented clinical studies of the GBG (German Breast Group), the largest German breast cancer study group. It works with a network of 500 study centres and more than 1000 study physicians on the successful implementation of clinical studies. The close exchange with national and international study groups, as well as with leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, puts the GBG in the position to work with the latest medical developments. The aim of the members of the German Breast Group is to combine the latest drug treatments in a targeted manner and to provide optimal therapy recommendations.

CentraXX as a central IT solution

With CentraXX Bio, GBG Forschungs GmbH can now achieve its goal of establishing a central software solution that makes it possible to precisely track all samples (tissue/liquid samples) taken in various centers and clinics. Using the structured data collected for the samples, CentraXX enables ad hoc queries/searches for information on sampling, shipping and storage as well as by sampling date, volume and sample type.

In the future, each sample taken can be easily assigned to a study and studies for which samples are taken can be displayed immediately.

As usual, CentraXX fully maps the actual storage structures, in this case, of the GBG Biobank. The creation and exchange of simple, automated reports, which can now be generated using the CentraXX Report Engine, are of great importance for communication with all cooperation partners.

In addition, GBG Forschungs GmbH will be able to receive non-identifiable, selective donor information (e.g. gender, age, study ID) at any time in the future.

CentraXX guarantees data exchange with MedCodes® in order to import clinical data and sample data for translational research purposes.

We look forward to working further with GBG Forschungs GmbH to import old data from earlier projects as well as to connect to primary documentation systems (e.g. tumor documentation from Nexus and other sample documentation systems) in the near future.

According to GBG Forschungs GmbH, clinical data of more than 35,000 breast cancer patients are available today and, with this expertise and the experience of more than 30 years of research, GBG is one of the world’s leading breast cancer research institutes. KAIROS GmbH is therefore extremely pleased that CentraXX is again being applied to a key area of medical research.


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